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Fathers Forever

is Bridging the Gap between Fathers and their Children! -- Saving Our Children, One Father At A Time.  Fathers Forever is a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring the hearts of the fathers back to their children.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, one out of every two children in the United States will live in a single-parent home before reaching the age of 18.  Approximately 84% of custodial parents are mothers and 27.7% of these mothers, along with their children, are living in poverty.  Where are the fathers? 

Children who have involved loving fathers are more likely to do well in school and have healthy self-esteem. Our current resolution of placing fathers who are delinquent in child support payments in an over-crowded jail system alone cannot solve the problem.  It does very little to decrease the number of non-child support cases and does not improve father-child relationships. We need another solution to this ever increasing problem  --   Fathers Forever.


Our goal is to help fathers chart a new course of fatherhood.  Fathers Forever will also help them to understand the importance of having an on-going active role in the lives of their children, in addition to fulfilling their financial responsibilities.  

Who We Are Serving

Fathers Forever's first priority is fathers who are delinquent in their child support payments.  The Judicial System can refer participants to us as a jail diversion and Child Support agencies can refer clients to us as a preventative measure.  We will also take referrals from other community support agencies.

How You Can Help
It has been said that "When we know better, we do better."  Help us help fathers chart a new course of fatherhood -- thus, Saving Our Children, One Father At A Time.  Every child deserves a chance at reaching their fullest potential in life.  Children are our future, our most precious commodity and they are worth the investment.  GET INVOLVED!
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